I have been a graphic designer for 7 years. I have worked freelance and also in some incredible companies. I have worked with different softwares such as Adobe, Affinity and Sketchbook Pro. I started out in college and then after college became a freelance graphic designer. I then went of to do a self paced Level 5 qualification in graphic design. I got to work with my first company in Australia called Platinum 99 where I did websites and logos.

The second company where I was a graphic designer and where I did my digital marketing apprenticeship was in the UK called Electromist. I was also in charge of printing out posters for the 11 stores that they own. While working as a graphic designer I also picked up photography. It started when I did a project for college at Dudley Zoo where we had to photograph and design posters for the animals. Which was shown in the zoo.

In August 2020 I started my own clothing company called Peachy Clothing. I do everything from designing what is going to be on the clothes to the website and then to the marketing. I also print the designs on the clothing myself. Then in September 2021 I created a collection for SHEIN which is a worldwide clothing company. I have also been featured in a magazine called 26 and Beyond.

Email : shannonreed293@gmail.com

Mobile: 07988 498 463